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Spark Thomasville and InvestTVL Launch Loan Fund to Empower Underestimated Entrepreneurs

Thomasville's future just got rosier!
Thomasville, Georgia water tower.

Like you, Spark Thomasville celebrates the hard work entrepreneurs do to create wealth across the community. That is why we are so thankful for your generosity to invest in entrepreneurs, build community, and enhance economic viability. 


Because of the caring support of so many helpful folks in Thomasville, something great is unfolding. I hope you will read on.


Minority business owners can struggle to get funding for their businesses through traditional means. And, a lack of access to capital, in their first few years is a primary reason why many minority businesses fail.


To address this problem, Spark Thomasville is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with InvestTVL to launch a new loan fund specifically designed to support underestimated entrepreneurs in our community.


The Spark Thomasville and InvestTVL Loan Fund offers two innovative solutions for Thomasville entrepreneurs:

1. Micro loan: Up to $10,000 in funding to help new and growing businesses get off the ground.

2. Gap Loan: Larger funding amounts up to $30,000 for businesses that have been operating for over two years, with Spark Thomasville sharing the risk with local lending organizations.


By partnering with local lenders, Spark Thomasville can mitigate risk and provide unprecedented access to capital for minority-owned businesses in Thomasville. These loan options represent a game-changing opportunity for entrepreneurs who have historically been underserved and overlooked.


The impact of this loan fund extends far beyond individual businesses.


With your partnership, Spark Thomasville empowers underestimated entrepreneurs, fosters economic growth, creates jobs, and builds a more vibrant and inclusive business community in Thomasville. Every thriving minority-owned business inspires others and paves the way for future generations of entrepreneurs. 


If you’re a minority entrepreneur in Thomasville with a business idea or an existing business in need of funding, we encourage you to apply for the Spark Thomasville and InvestTVL Loan Fund. Take the first step towards turning your dreams into reality by signing up at


Our team is ready to guide you through the application process and provide the support you need to succeed.


We also invite the entire Thomasville community to spread the word about this exciting opportunity. If you know an entrepreneur who could benefit from this loan fund, please share this announcement with them. Together, we are creating a prosperous future for our city.


Like you, Spark Thomasville, believes that every entrepreneur deserves the chance to thrive. With the launch of this loan fund, entrepreneurs are one step closer to making their dream vision a reality.


Thank you for igniting the potential of our entrepreneurs.


Watching together as they spark incredible growth and transformation in our community. 


DeShay Williams


P.S. I am grateful for you!

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