At Spark Thomasville, we believe the “proof is in the pudding”…aka. The Stories. There have been thousands of lives that have been changed in cities across the country, who have gone through the LAUNCH Entrepreneurial Training Program. For this reason, Spark Thomasville has partnered with LAUNCH to use their model and curriculum to equip Thomasville entrepreneurs with the tools and coaching they need to start a successful and sustainable business. Below are some of the stories from everyday people who decided to take a step of faith and make their dreams a reality through the LAUNCH program.


Robin Davis

“I could not afford to go back to school, but LAUNCH made it possible for me to make my dream come true.”


Cheri Hudgins

“LAUNCH has been a true asset by putting everything into perspective, providing mentorship, being there to answer questions and assisting in areas where you are weak.”


Debelle Roshell

"I'm motivated to be an entrepreneur because I know and see how much harder times are becoming. I want to help change the face and the stereotype of my generation and race."