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Old brick Thomasville street

Photo credit: @wandernorthga


Spark Thomasville and the logo symbolize the power of collaboration and collective ideas. These connections embody the spirit of INNOVATION and the potential for TRANSFORMATION that arises when community unites their talents and passions to spark positive change and drive economic growth in Thomasville Georgia. 

The four circles in the logo come together, touch one another, and are connected. Negative space between the four circles TOGETHER create a Spark.

Spark logo of four circles

The Spark Logo


Entrepreneurs create opportunities and ignite innovation, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of Thomsville's thriving community

Teen entrepreneurs play a vital role in shaping Thomasville's future infrastructure and community by bringing innovative ideas and economic viability to foster continued growth and success.

Coaches provide invaluable guidance and support, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and succeed in their ventures


Four circles of Spark logo


Partnerships with local organizations and businesses foster a collaborative ecosystem, amplifying the positive impact of Spark Thomasville on the community.



The four circles represent our entrepreneurs, teen entrepreneurs, coaches and community supporters.

Here’s a video of folks involved with Spark

Together we all create a Spark and Spark Thomasville.


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