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Entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches needed as Spark Thomasville launches 2024 Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching Program

Heather Abbot sharing in a classroom
SHARING HER SUCCESS: Speaker Heather Abbott, owner of SouthLife Supply Co., shares what led to the company’s success with 2023 Spark Program Participants.

I have a BIG ask for you today. You care about Thomasville, and you have something that our entrepreneurs need.

What do the following Thomasville superstars have in common?

Nathaniel H. Abrams, Jr, Andre Marria, Doug Shierling, Harry T Jones, Karen Hamrick, Willie Allen, Denny Blake, Briana Butler, Melvin Hugans, Blanding Beatty, Charles Dixon, Terrance Howell, Harry Vann, Michael Bixler, David Crane, and Randy Andersen.


If you guessed they are all kind, fair, caring, compassionate, helpful, honest, friendly, generous, and hardworking Thomasville roses, you are right!

But, they also all belong to a really exclusive group of Thomasville influencers who volunteer their time and expertise to help underestimated entrepreneurs here at Spark Thomasville!

They generously give their time and expertise to nurture a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs through Spark Thomasville. I hope I have your attention because I have a big ask…

Will you consider befriending an aspiring entrepreneur in the upcoming 2024 fall entrepreneurs cohort?  

By volunteering as a coach, mentor, or speaker, you can join the ranks of these caring community leaders. You won't be on your own, we will walk beside you as you walk with our aspiring entrepreneurs. 

When you share your knowledge with underestimated entrepreneurs, the benefits ripple out in powerful ways:

For You:

  • Cultivate your leadership abilities by guiding others

  • Create a legacy of giving yourself away and gain a profound sense of purpose from empowering future business leaders

  • Build lasting connections within Thomasville’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem

For Thomasville:

  • Strengthen economic vitality by supporting homegrown ventures

  • Inspire a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing

  • Retain top talent and generational wealth within our community

For the Entrepreneurs:

  • Receive invaluable coaching tailored to their unique needs

  • Gain confidence from having an accomplished mentor in their corner

  • Access expertise to overcome hurdles and achieve sustainable growth


When you say yes, EVERYBODY WINS!


Just a few hours per month can make a transformative impact. Your generous gift of time provides the education, accountability, and guidance these hardworking entrepreneurs need to turn their dreams into reality.


Thomasville’s future rests on cultivating the next wave of innovative business leaders. Will you embrace this extraordinary opportunity to uplift underestimated entrepreneurs while leaving a lasting legacy?


Like you, I hate to think of Thomasville suffering because tomorrow’s entrepreneurs don’t get the encouragement they need. Please say yes. When you respond with a “yes,” underestimated entrepreneurs get educated, trained, encouraged, and supported.


When you say yes, Thomasville’s future gets brighter!


Email me at nd let’s talk and dream together! 






P.S. Know someone who we need? Forward this post to them and encourage them to cement their legacy by helping tomorrow’s business leadership here in Thomasville.

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