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Jasmine Calhoun, Owner of the Diverse Pour; Symphony of Wine, Music, and Fellowship

Updated: Jun 10

Jasmine Calhoun raising a glass of wine
Jasmine Calhoun, Entrepreneur & Owner, The Diverse Pour

Meet the passionate owner of The Diverse Pour—Jasmine Calhoun. This entrepreneur has turned her interest in pairing wines with music, food, and fellowship into a business aptly named, The Diverse Pour.

Successfully managing events such as The Pink Rose Soirée, a local breast cancer fundraiser in partnership with Flourish of Thomasville, wine parties, and socials for both private and commercial retail sponsors, Jasmine has developed a proven business model that is the basis of The Diverse Pour (DP).


But this venture didn't sprout overnight. Jasmine's path was illuminated by the guidance and support she received from Spark Thomasville’s 12-Week Entrepreneur Training and Coaching  Program which became the driving force behind The Diverse Pour's success. It all began with insightful workshops during the summer, paving the way for the transformative Spark Thomasville classes that followed.


Spark Thomasville wasn't just a course for Jasmine. To her,  “it was a blueprint for success.” It provided her with the necessary tools, from understanding the nuances of financial management to strategic planning, that transformed her perspective. What once started as a hobby became a true passion and turned into a profitable business, thanks to the comprehensive training provided by Spark Thomasville.


Reflecting on her Spark Thomasville experience, Jasmine expresses the standout feature—the unwavering passion of every entrepreneur involved. “The camaraderie was natural” and fostered an environment where mutual support became the cornerstone for both individual and collective success.


One significant chapter in Jasmine's entrepreneurial journey was the Spark Tank Pitch competition. Motivated by her drive to win and give her all, Jasmine secured a well-deserved Second Place Final Round win. No one will forget Jasmine’s start in the First Round Spark Tank—dancing to the song “Ain’t No Mountain High” and emphatically stating, “Jesus came in. He took some Dasani and he turned it straight into Merlot and it was incredible.” The Diverse Pour, with its unique service-oriented approach of pairing wine with music, stood out among the diverse array of competitors.


Peering into the future, Jasmine envisions The Diverse Pour growing into a brand synonymous with innovative party planning and community fundraising. “It's not just about the business's financial success but about creating a lucrative venture that benefits the community I serve,” according to Jasmine.


At the core of Jasmine's "why" are people—"connecting with them, making them comfortable, and creating memorable experiences beyond just sipping wine is important.” Her commitment to fostering genuine connections shines through in every event organized by The Diverse Pour.

As The Diverse Pour continues to evolve, the community is invited to join Jasmine on this exciting journey. It's more than a business; it's a celebration of life, love, and the vibrant spirit of Thomasville. The community is encouraged to raise a glass to Jasmine's success and support the flourishing entrepreneurship fostered by Spark Thomasville.

Cheers to The Diverse Pour, where every pour tells a story, and every story is a celebration.


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