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Living Their Dream: Spark Graduates Lauren & Natasha

Two passionate entrepreneurs, Lauren and Natasha, currently own Salon Suites on Broad located in the Business Exchange in downtown Thomasville. They embarked on a journey that will forever change their lives and the lives of many others.

Their partnership isn’t just about building a salon suites business; it is about realizing their individual dreams and creating a haven for stylists seeking fulfillment, support, and success.

Natasha, a seasoned hairstylist with over a decade of experience, had dedicated her life to the art of hair. Yet, over the years, the toll of the physically demanding job began to weigh heavily on her. Her wrists ached, her back cried out, and every part of her body seemed to protest. But Natasha's inspiration, her driving force, was rooted in her love for her family, particularly her autistic brother. With unwavering determination, Natasha hoped that the salon suites business they were starting would become her retirement plan - a way to step away from the chair and still provide for her beloved brother. Her journey was driven by a deep sense of responsibility, a desire to create a secure future for her family, and a yearning to make a meaningful impact beyond the salon.

Lauren discovered her passion for beauty early on. However, societal pressures had led her down a different path, one she despised. Her years in college and the corporate world were marked by frustration and dissatisfaction. But within her was a fire, a longing to follow her heart and create a life aligned with her true purpose. Lauren's motivation was firmly anchored in her desire to be a present mother for her children and to build a community of empowered women who uplifted one another. Her journey was a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's passion and standing up against the constraints of conventional educational pathways.

Lauren and Natasha shared a common frustration with the industry's lack of camaraderie and mentorship. Their dreams aligned and gave rise to the idea of a salon suites business that was more than just a place to style hair. It was a sanctuary where stylists collaborated, learned, and grew together.

Their salon suites business, born from their shared experiences, will be a haven for stylists seeking refuge from the cutthroat competition and loneliness that often plagued the industry. Natasha's yearning to secure her brother's future found resonance in Lauren's aspiration to create a supportive community. Together, they embody the spirit of collaboration that had been missing and are igniting a cultural shift within the salon world.

Lauren and Natasha's partnership exemplifies the strength that comes from shared dreams and a common purpose. Their salon suites business is where stylists find solace in a community that had once been a rarity, and clients experience not just transformations in appearance but transformations in spirit. Their partnership was a living testament to the idea that when driven individuals join forces, their combined power can spark a revolution, changing industries and lives for the better.

According to Lauren, “Spark Thomasville gave us the opportunity to focus on and plan the next stages of our business. Our coach, Mike Bixler, was instrumental in highlighting different opportunities available to us.”

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