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Resilience & Triumph: Sybol Rembert's Story

Updated: Apr 16

Sybol Rembert's journey with Spark Thomasville is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Spark Thomasville's 2023 Spark Tank Pitch competition became the stage where Sybol, the owner of Top Notch Training Institute, showcased her unwavering commitment to her dream.

Sybol's relationship with Spark Thomasville runs deep. Having undergone the 12-week Entrepreneur Training and Coaching program not once but three times, she emerged not just as the 2023 Spark Tank Winner, but a symbol of tenacity.

In a conversation reflecting on her experience in the Spark cohorts, Sybol shared how each iteration shaped her and her business in unique ways.

Spark's curriculum adjustments

Sybol acknowledged the growth and improvements in the Spark program over the years. She highlighted the enhanced organization, detailed information, and added focus on financial aspects. She appreciated the program's emphasis on financial literacy, acknowledging its importance for entrepreneurs who may not come from a financially literate background.

Her success

Sybol attributes her success to thorough preparation, studying all aspects of her business, and addressing the judging criteria meticulously. Her ability to articulate her business's strengths, coupled with a standout presentation involving a young entrepreneur, “kidpreneur applying makeup to her mom’s face,” contributed to her victory. The introduction of a "cheat sheet" or the judging rubric proved invaluable for her. She noted, "I felt more motivated this time around. I felt more prepared for the pitch due to the “cheat sheet.” It helped me to put my pitch together because, before, I didn't really know what I needed to do for my pitch."

Discussing her plans for Top Notch Training Institute, Sybol expressed excitement about a new facility. Her future goals include achieving accreditation to secure government funding and expanding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The new location will serve as both a training institute and a beauty and barber shop.

Addressing her experience with the Spark cohort, Sybol speaks highly of the camaraderie and collaboration. She praises her fellow entrepreneurs for their positive attitudes and hard work. Regarding potential future involvement with Spark Thomasville, Sybol looks forward to giving back, believing in the importance of showcasing success stories for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sybol's story is one of determination, growth, and a commitment to giving back to the entrepreneurial community. Her journey through Spark Thomasville exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and continuous learning.

Congratulations Sybol!

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