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Roderick Blue, Joyful Vegans, You & Spark Thomasville!

Updated: Apr 10

Doug Shierling, Spark Thomasville Board member giving a reward check to Roderick Blue.
In recognition of his commitment and dedication during the Spark Thomasville 2023 Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching Program, Roderick earned a $500 Award from an anonymous donor. Pictured: Doug Shierling (Spark Board), and Roderick.

Thomasville entrepreneur, Roderick Blue, and the Spark Thomasville giving community have created quite a story!

Roderick is a recent graduate of Spark Thomasville’s entrepreneur cohort program. Roderick’s genius, together with the Spark giving community’s generous support have combined to turn his dreams into reality.

Roderick has been a dedicated vegan for 24 years, and his passion for plant-based living inspired him to create Joyful Vegans, a business that truly reflects who he is.


When his employer, Nathaniel Abrams, introduced him to Spark Thomasville, Roderick knew the opportunity was his for the seizing. “Nathaniel Abrams opened the door, and I went through it,” he says.


Spark Thomasville

Through the Spark program, Roderick received invaluable guidance and support from the Spark curriculum and his business coach, Terry Howell, who brought his accounting expertise to the table. Executive Director DeShay Williams and Mr. Earl Williams also played crucial roles in Roderick’s journey. “Spark pushed me out of my comfortable box,” Roderick shares. “Mr. Earl helped me understand my product and pricing.”


Thanks to the tools and knowledge gained through Spark Thomasville, Roderick launched his business, Joyful Vegans, where customers are already ordering his delicious vegan creations. The biggest reaction from his customers? Total surprise that the food is entirely plant-based!


Joyful Vegans is already beginning to accumulate reviews online:


Fantastic service and even better food. I truly couldn’t believe how well made my fiancé and I’s food was. The food wasn’t expensive, and he personally delivered it to us. - M R


Every day, Roderick draws inspiration from a saying on his fridge: “Don’t Stop. Keep Moving Forward. God is Your Main One.” His powerful, resilient, and resourceful nature, combined with the support of the Spark giving community, has allowed him to gain confidence and make his dream a reality.


Your contribution to Spark Thomasville has directly impacted the lives of entrepreneurs like Roderick, providing them with the tools, resources, and mentorship they need to succeed. Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey and helping to create a thriving community of underestimated entrepreneurs.


With gratitude,


DeShay Williams

Executive Director


P.S. Look below at some of Roderick's fabulous creations you can order from Joyful Vegans. Thanks again for nudging Thomasville entrepreneurs forward!

JV Double Cheese W/Fries, JV Chicken Sandwich, JV Chicken Wrap W/Fries

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