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Retired Entrepreneur Pays It Forward by Mentoring Underestimated Business Owners

Charles Dixon & Tammy Griggs after a Spark Thomasville cohort
Charles Dixon & Tammy Griggs

Charles Dixon, a retired entrepreneur from Thomasville, Georgia, knows firsthand the power of mentorship and leading by example. Growing up, he watched his father, Harry T. Jones' father, grandfather, and other hardworking entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Those early experiences inspired Charles to become an entrepreneur himself, a path he considers a gift.

Now, after retiring in 2022, Charles is dedicating some of his time and expertise to giving that same gift to a new generation of entrepreneurs. Through Spark Thomasville, Charles has found a meaningful way to pay it forward.

As a volunteer business coach, Charles has been working closely with Tammy Griggs, a budding entrepreneur launching a medical transport business. Week after week, Charles has coached Tammy through the challenges of starting a business, from navigating complex regulations to finding the right software and connecting with local professionals.

"I saw firsthand from my dad what it took to run a business," Charles shares. "I'm grateful now to have the opportunity to pass on what I've learned to help other entrepreneurs like Tammy pursue their dreams."

Organizations like Spark Thomasville play a vital role in empowering underestimated entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of business ownership. Through the 12-week program, entrepreneurs gain the knowledge, skills, and support they need to launch and grow successful businesses. But doing it alone is so much harder. The support of the community and experienced entrepreneurs like Charles who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise makes the journey much more doable. 

Thank you Charles for making a difference in the lives of local entrepreneurs, and getting involved with Spark Thomasville. 


Whether you're a seasoned business owner looking to mentor or a passionate community member ready to lend your support, your involvement can help create a thriving ecosystem where entrepreneurs from all walks of life have the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. Visit to learn more and get started today!

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