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Meet Tequesta Diggs, Owner, Sashay All Day: A Journey of Empowerment and Entrepreneurship in Thomasville

Tequesta Diggs standing in front of a desk.
Tequesta Diggs, Entrepreneur & Owner Sashay All Day

In the heart of Thomasville, there's a fashion haven that goes beyond selling clothes—it's a movement led by Tequesta Diggs, the visionary owner of Sashay All Day.

Tequesta's journey is not just about running a business; it's about empowering women, instilling confidence, and fostering a sense of beauty that transcends societal norms.


Tequesta explains, "I understand the struggles that some women face having to dress their curves because it has been my experience as well. There was a time I was referred to as 'Hips and Dips' in high school because of the span/width of my hips and the ill-fitting jeans I wore at the time. It was embarrassing to me and it affected the way I viewed my body. Years later, that same embarrassment sparked a fire in me to learn which type of clothing complimented what I now know is my pear shape."


Tequesta's venture into entrepreneurship began with a desire to make a meaningful impact. "I wanted to have a part in women feeling comfortable in their bodies." Her mission is to accentuate the best features of every woman and boost their confidence through the transformative power of clothing.


Acknowledging her lack of business expertise, Tequesta sought guidance and found herself at Spark Thomasville's 12-Week Entrepreneur Training program. The program became a compass for her, guiding her through the intricacies of business—structure, financial literacy, and the art of sustainability. Tequesta embraced the journey with open arms, relishing every lesson, and every challenge.


The Spark Thomasville program did more than impart knowledge; it opened Tequesta's eyes to the potential for long-term success. "The program has opened my eyes to thinking long-term and exploring other revenue streams for my business," she shares. What started as a simple product-oriented vision expanded into a comprehensive strategy for growth and sustainability.


For Tequesta, Spark Thomasville wasn't just a classroom experience but a community of support. The coaching from seasoned mentors like Mrs. Andre Marria, Mrs. Lorraine Williams, and Mr. Earl Williams was a lifeline. Tearfully recounting a moment of financial confusion, she expresses gratitude for Mr. Williams, who helped her understand how to make sales projections and navigate the financial side of her business.


The camaraderie within the cohort was equally impactful. Tequesta describes a supportive environment where “every member cheered for one another.” In a world often marked by competition, this community became a source of strength, encouragement, and shared victories.


One of the high points in Tequesta's Spark Thomasville journey was the Spark Tank Pitch competition. Despite battling illness and sleepless nights, she delivered an amazing pitch that stood out, securing a well-deserved third place in the final round of competition. Tequesta's unique perspective on catering to women of all shapes and sizes resonated, setting Sashay All Day apart.


Tequesta's success story is not just an individual triumph; it's a testament to the power of community support and the transformative impact of programs like Spark Thomasville. As Sashay All Day continues to thrive, it symbolizes the beauty of dreams realized, the strength of a supportive community, and the promise that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in her own way.


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