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Can Shy People Be Entrepreneurs? Rickela Reynolds: YES!

Rickela Reynolds holding her camera

It took a lot of courage for Rickela Reynolds to step into the Spark community. But thanks to the opportunity you gave her, SHE DID IT AND WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF HER!

And you should know, she is kickin' it!

For Rickela Reynolds, the path to discovering her genuine passion is a winding journey. As an all-around artist skilled in graphic design, painting, drawing, and music, she initially struggled to pinpoint exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Even after earning a BFA in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Rickela found herself uncertain of her next steps.

But joining the 2019 Spark Thomasville entrepreneur cohort brought everything into focus. Encouraged by the caring mentors and supportive community, Rickela found the inspiration to pursue filmmaking - a passion she didn’t even realize she had.

“I am very introverted, so stepping forward to be involved in Spark Thomasville took a lot of courage,” Rickela shares. “I am so glad I did! Spark taught me invaluable skills for building a business as a creator.”

Rickela Reynolds at a photo shoot looking through her camera

With each video project she took on for local Thomasville businesses, Rickela’s love for filmmaking grew stronger. The COVID-19 lockdown provided the ideal opportunity to take her newfound passion full-time as companies were in dire need of video services. Today, Rickela is the proud owner of “Rickela Does Film” and is partnered with a production company in Atlanta.

Her business has given her the flexibility to care for her mother while doing meaningful work that aligns with her values. As Rickela puts it, “There was just something about Monday through Friday, nine-to-five that never appealed to me. Attending Spark Thomasville fanned a flame inside me that I didn’t even know was there.”

Rickela Reynolds looking through her camera lens.

One of Rickela’s great inspirations is Tyler Perry, whose story reminds her that anything is possible with passion and perseverance. Her Spark business coach, Mike Bixler, also played an instrumental role in nurturing her entrepreneurial spirit.

“Mike wanted me to grow and find the resources I needed,” Rickela said. “His work with me was heartfelt. Just to have his voice and support in my life means more than you can imagine.”

Looking ahead, Rickela is thrilled at the prospect of taking on higher-budget film projects now that she has gained skills in areas like financial planning through Spark’s recent Business Finance Essentials Workshop Series. Her generous spirit and creative storytelling make her an ideal partner for businesses wanting to connect with customers through authentic, story-focused content.

Rickela’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of following one’s calling and the impact supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems like Spark Thomasville can have.

On behalf of Rickela and so many more like her, thank you! Without so many hard-working and generous people like you, underestimated entrepreneurs here in Thomasville would have fewer opportunities.


DeShay Williams

Rickela Reynolds Facebook profile cover

P.S. You can congratulate Rickela on social media at Don't be shy!

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