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"Haile McCollum Loves Thomasville & Underestimated Entrepreneurs!"

Volunteer/Donor Spotlight

Haile McCollum’s big heart extends far beyond her design firm at Fontaine Maury, in Thomasville, Georgia. It is the underestimated entrepreneur, the unsung heroes of the Southern business landscape, who truly capture her heart.

Haile is passionate about promoting authentic connection, and place-based marketing for Southern entrepreneurs.

Especially those whose potential often go unappreciated by the larger world. She sees the determination, creativity, and the immense value they bring to the Thomasville community. To her, they are the embodiment of the Southern, spirit–resilient, authentic, and rooted in their craft.

A firm believer in paying it forward, Haile has been a big help to SPARK graduates when called upon. She sees in them the embodiment of hope and dreams realized. Haile’s company, Fontaine Maury, has been a significant contributor to SPARK’s mentoring and guidance. She is one of a team of many in the community who, when called upon, love standing before a room filled with eager faces, sharing their knowledge and insights.

She has inspired Spark graduates with her presentations on marketing and branding. With her warm smile and genuine enthusiasm, she makes each entrepreneur feel valued, seen, and capable of achieving greatness.

But it isn’t just about the presentations. Haile’s commitment runs deeper. In years past, her firm has offered a full brand package for Spark entrepreneurs who win in the SparkTank competition.

It is not uncommon for Haile to sit with Spark entrepreneurs, listen to their aspirations, and offer personalized guidance. Haile’s support extends beyond the business realm of underestimated entrepreneurs. She is not just championing their products and services, she is championing their dreams. Her heart is to help them navigate challenges, celebrate victories, and weather storms.

With help from Haile and other Spark presenters and coaches, SPARK graduates flourish. These community advocates strengthen their connections and reach in the Thomasville community. They are no longer underestimated; they are shining stars, lighting up the Southern business landscape.

Haile McCollum’s journey is not just about marketing and branding. It’s about connecting, empowering, and leaving a legacy of love for the South and its entrepreneurs. Her story is an ode to the profound difference one person with a big heart and a genuine commitment to change can make in the lives of many.

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