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Spark student Venesia Calhoun, owner of Comfort Creek Adult Care

Investing in Entrepreneurs, Building Community, and Enhancing Economic Vitality

Confident Entrepreneurs- Making Their Dreams a Reality

Meet Current Spark 12-Week Entrepreneur Training and Coaching Participant 

Venesia Calhoun, Owner of Comfort Creek Adult Care 

“A Place of Engagement and Enrichment”

Click here to read her story

SPARK Thomasville

A Business Incubator for Underestimated Entrepreneurs




12-Week Entrepreneur Training Program, Teen Entrepreneurship Program, Workshops, Seminars, and Events

Insight, guidance and support to entrepreneurs from trusted Thomasville business leaders and coaches

Access to loan funding and technical support through the Community Development Loan Fund for Thomasville 

Empowering Entrepreneurs In Thomasville, Georgia

What Happens When Underestimated-Underserved Entrepreneurs Don't Get the Help They Need?

  • Aspiring business leaders continue to grapple with insecurity  

  • The issues their businesses address remains unresolved

  • Generational wealth is not created

  • Cycles of generational poverty persist

  • Tax revenues are not generated

  • Money that could stay in Thomasville leaves

The Thomasville community as a whole suffers when underestimated and underserved entrepreneurs don't realize and maximize their impact. Spark Thomasville offers education, resources and support to assist entrepreneurs realize their vision.

Having received a trusted network of advisors, friendships, enhanced decision-making abilities, and strategies, Climmie and Ashley are inspiring others. Not only have they provided better opportunities for themselves and their family, they also provide jobs for the community. Their story proves that the world is full of possibilities for "underestimated."

Read Climmie & Ashlie's story

Climmie & Ashley's Spark Story

Climmies H&M Bar-B-Que & Soul Food

Spark graduates Climmie and Ashley Mosley at their business, H&M BBQ & Soul Food
Spark Alumni Vivian Moore Owner, Vegan Delights with Spark Coach and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Andrea Collins

Spark Alumni Vivian Moore Owner, Vegan Delights with Spark Coach and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Andrea Collins

Jenna's story

1. Fill out the interest form.

2.  Schedule a time to meet with Executive Director, DeShay Williams.

3.  Be confident and get ready to make your business dream a reality!  

How Do I Get Started as an Entrepreneur?

SPARK Thomasville

Minority Entrepreneurs Face Significantly More Barriers

Minority business start-ups often encounter a range of challenges that can hinder their growth and success. Spark addresses these challenges through a collective community effort to promote business education, coaching and funding.  

  • Limited access to capital

  • Limited networking opportunities

  • Education and skill gaps

  • Lack of supportive ecosystem

  • Lack of role models and mentors

  • Discrimination and bias

Empowering Underestiimated Entrepreneurs

Spark Thomasville In Numbers 

Since 2019...


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